Reckoning: How to Go Back in Time

If given the option to go back in time and reconcile past regrets, would you take up the opportunity? DM Taylor, the author of “Reckoning” created a mixture of a science fiction and real-life feel that keeps the readers captivated. Driven by dreams and aspirations to find a link to the past, Taden Barret spent a lifetime unraveling the secrets of time travel through her study of physics. Her hope was to reconcile the night her mom died and the day her sister became a drug addict.

Now almost 20 years later, leading her own team of scientists she has solved the mystery. But what she thought would help her past better became the catalyst for the destruction and downfall of her country. Working for a secret government agency, Taden learns that she has made deadly associations with people she thought she could trust. After a revenge plan got revealed from the secrets of her acquaintances, she was exposed to the deadly environment.

In the meantime, terrorists have taken advantage of a weakened government structure with a deadly strike on civilians in both New York and Los Angeles, at a time when all communications had been cut off, leaving the world uninformed. Taden’s sister, Ruth, lives in Los Angeles and could be a victim of the great reckoning. She must deliver time travel before it’s too late. Will Taden and her sisters survive this crisis? This book is full of twists and guesses that engage the reader in an unimaginable way. DM Taylor did an amazing job with the way she built up her story and her characters. The story was a fabulous journey that most readers would enjoy. This novel is the ultimate package of the time travel thriller. The readers would enjoy reading the book.

P.S : D.M. Taylor is a full-time writer with a constant desire to be at the beach or as close to a combination of water, sand, and sunshine as she can. You can tell by looking at all of the freckles she has collected as evidence.

If she’s not writing in her tiny cottage by the lake, then it’s not summer. The rest of the year, she’s writing on her couch under blankets near a giant bay window. On the less romantic days of writing, and let’s be real — most of them, her pages come together while waiting in a car for one of her kids — as part of her chauffeur gig.

Her gravitational pull to science fiction, developed throughout her teacher training; where she concentrated on science education. Graduating from Michigan Tech with an Applied Science Master’s Degree jumpstarted her geeky interests. An obsession with time travel pushed through her romantic notions of the world and the easy fear she holds of anything frightening. Together, these elements created a writer of sci-fi thrillers who sprinkles in a bit of slow burn.

Accruing in her head is a checklist of places to travel, items to accomplish, and book ideas to write.

She regenerates from the deep conversation, laughter, and dancing.

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @authordmtaylor

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You can buy the book on Amazon here is the link for purchase:

Reckoning Time Travel Thriller :



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Shreyoshi Chakraborti

Shreyoshi Chakraborti


I’m a PhD Student in Biochemistry and Structural Biology at Stony Brook University, Long Island, NY and a writer at heart. I hope to connect facts with stories.