Thine Eyes of Mercy by Danielle M Orsino

Thine Eyes of Mercy: What Happens if you Surrender

Thine Eyes of Mercy, by Danielle M Orsino, is a book about Queen Aurora, of the Court of Light Fae, and King Jarvok, of the Court of Dark Fae, who are exhausted and the battle has worn after centuries of fighting. The war has taken its toll on their power base and kinship. The story is about war and the end of the war, the winner and the loser, and how it is like to give in to the enemy.

All wars eventually end, even the ones in imagination. Here, the Dark and the Light Fae have set their elemental magic and weapons down, but yet it’s not quiet in the Veil. King Jarvok was confident his army could win the war, but at what cost? It was time to act like a King, not just execute power and ownership. That’s how he developed the Creator's role and reached out to Queen Aurora, and the Treaty of Bodhicitta is signed.

The Treaty promises that they will never spill each other’s blood again. They have to become the worshippers of mankind and the Court must not interfere with humans in a harmful manner, but they can act as gods and goddesses of atonement.

Over time the King and the Queen learned that while they were playing war games, their humans have changed and moved away from the old ways. Meanwhile, the monarchs face unknown challenges in a world where Christianity, not pragmatism, is a new power.

In a nutshell, the book speaks about the power and the overuse of power. The way wars have devastated our planet over thousands of years and we as humans have evolved to be who we are today. Danielle did a great job of telling us the tale of fantasy with its heart in humanity and rescuing mankind. Although a story of monarchs and age-old wars, the synopsis takes us to the recent events on our planet and provides insights about empathy, love, and care for others.

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Danielle M Orsino, author of Locked out in Heaven, Thine Eyes of Mercy, and Birth Fae. Birth of Fae. Although a martial artist and a nursing teacher, she had a lifelong vision to create whimsical realms that her readers can escape to. Locked out In Heaven is her first book. She is the winner of several awards in martial arts and took the profession towards the forefront. To read more about the author click here.

Danielle M Orsino — Author of the Thine Eyes of Mercy



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